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Website Relaunch

April 24, 2016 | Category: News

Hello, welcome to my new, redesigned website. A few months ago, I decided i needed a new website, with new fresh design and a new platform. Last version of my website was based on simple portfolio, but as i am getting more and more involved in code development, and doing more custom work, I realized that i needed a more powerful platform for a few design and layout changes so i can present my work in a better way.

I needed a more powerful platform/CMS, so logically i decided to go with WordPress. I didn’t do any psd design, i had it all in my head, had some idea how i wanted it to look and what features i needed, so after a few sketches i started building it.

As i mentioned earlier my main goal is to present my work on a more customize cleaner way, with more details and information, so that was my starting point. So i got it all on paper and made a simple sketch and here it is.

I am not a much of a blogger but ill write a post here and there over time.